Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Scenic train runs right by our campground

Here we are

Swimming area

Lake walk

Small tour boat

Here's where you catch the train

The BF'ers went on this boat a few years ago

Out to Anthony's for a lobster roll

View back into town

Just a small part of Lake W.

3/4 scale houses

Connector between the bay and lake

And the bridge

Coming and gowing

The campground path to Weirs Beach

It was a nice walk

In for a relaxing weekend

Me in the drink

Made it to the raft

Nice swim

That's enough

Plotting the storm path

We officially are at Paugus Bay of Lake Winnipesaukee New Hampshire. There was question because the bay is as big as a lake and I did not see a connecting body of water. From our campground you can walk to Weirs Beach and we saw the connection. I asked a man at a marina if this was always so. He got a book on the history of Lake Winnipesaukee and it said their once was an earthen dam somewhere on the lake that either was breached or blown up and the ensuing water surge opened up the small body of land separating what is now Paugus Bay from the big Lake. The channel has been dredged a number of times and now boat traffic travels back and forth. We did indeed walk to the tourist area of Weirs Beach for lunch and a tour. It was a very windy day on our side but it calmed down a bit at the beach. We ate on the pier watching the boat traffic in the sunshine. We came back to camp and I went swimming. As we got ready for dinner it really blew up a storm with predictions of damaging winds, rain, hail and lightning. Only once did we leave the camper for more secure housing but all was fine. Glad the weather radio and our cell phones worked. We were able to track the multiple storms approach looking at the moving weather map on the phone while the radio was telling us to seek shelter. All is good. Enjoy the pics.

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