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The Pierce Homestead

The back portion was moved to the site via mules and rolling...


In front of the State Capital in Concord NH

Gold Dome on top of the capital building

President Franklin Pierce at the capital


Representative chambers

Senate chambers

Shaker Village

Shaker Village

Shaker Village

Shaker Village

Shaker Village

Now in all new diet

Hopefully in for the weekend

Swimming beach

Lake ?

Comin' in

Protected harbor

Nice view

For those of you following along, I have some time tonight and am doing the blog dated for Saturday. We started our day going to the Franklin Pierce boy and young adult homestead. When we arrived it was only open on weekends so we decided to just take pictures. BUT as I walked around the house I noticed the barn door was open. They were open only for a private tour of the house and when the people came we tagged along. Pierce was the son of the two time New Hampshire Governor Benjamin Pierce. He was a lawyer and a local politician and became the 14 US President. The tour was long but very informative. We found out that Pierce put the first bathroom in the White House and the first Christmas tree. After the tour we stopped to see the NH State Capital and toured the building and the grounds. Next up was the Canterbury Shaker Village. In its heyday they had over 300 followers of this Utopian Society with this village in New Hampshire. The Shaker movement was begun in NY State. Some group has restored the entire village and we took a tour with a guide learning quite a bit about these celibate people who lived communally. We finally pulled into the campground which is right on a lake (not sure it is Winnipesaukee but will find out tomorrow). We are thinking of staying the weekend, we need a travel break. So here are the stats for year two of our Great Adventure as we celebrated our 18 month (1 1/2 year) anniversary of being on the road. We have driven 11,080 miles (40,878 total), we have spent $3440 on diesel fuel and our average miles per gallon is 12.435, the average price per gallon is $3.859. For lodging (paying for the camper to be on a spot somewhere) $2387. We have saved $668 using our camping clubs. Our average cost per night is $12.92 ($13.62 with tax). We have had an incredible 90 days in the last 6 months (yr 2) that have been free nights. Thanks to family, friends, NOMAD Projects, a couple of Walmarts and a coupon in Kokomo ('anks 'Iss). We would again like to thank you so much for following us on this FANTASTIC trip. It means the world to know you care enough to catch up with when you can. We have heard from many of you via email replies to this blog. If you would like to send us an email you can click on the link on the page you are currently reading. We are loving our trip and each other and have not tired of it at all. We do expect to pull in at Neptune Beach Florida mid November for the winter and the rest of our lives. We have known that is where we'll retire for quite a long time. We will continue to travel and do NOMAD projects as well. But we are still on the road and will update you every day! Enjoy the pics.

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