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Big Bristle Cone Pine

Zion in the distance from the trail platform

Prong Horn


Spotted this pair on Hwy 143

Lots of deer on the ride home


Center of a Elkweed Flower

Heartleaf Arnica

Wild Sweet Peas


New Pavilion at Duck Creek. Great view for music events

Paul was having a Coke withdrawl/craving. Sooo good.

Couldn't resist!

Marsha had a migrane this morning, could have been a touch of altitude sickness. It can effect you with nausea, headache, dizziness, shortness of breath & fatigue. We just laid low for the morning, which worked out well because it was cold and threatening rain. After getting some soda crackers and headache medicine in Marsha she was feeling better by afternoon. We decided to take a drive to walk the 1/2 mile trail to the Bristle Cone Trail on Hwy 14 and check out the Duck Creek area and back around on the Mammoth Creek road. Nice road trip with friends!

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