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Onyx stretching her legs in the narrows...

Daddy too!

How's that song go? 'On the Road again'!

Another break at Pahranagat Lake...

Love the colors dancing on the water....

Sun's dropping quick, so one last pic....

Our time in Ely flew by quickly but we did accomplish a lot while we were there. We store our 'spare' RV parts there, as well as bins of seasonal clothing. I keep trying to pare down so that we have everything that we own with us at all times but it sure doesn't seem to work out that way. So, we rotate things around twice a year and keep enough with us that we can 'sort of' handle all 4 seasons. Of course, weight fluctuation plays a roll in that too, lol!

The temperature pretty much never got out of the 30's in the daytime & was in the low teens or less every night. Brrr....Not loving that. But, we stayed in the sun as much as possible while out & about. It was really cold in the garage while searching through our bins & boxes so sure were glad when that job was over. It was nice to spend time catching up with sister Lori. Usually we only get a short visit from her while we're here, but since she's living with Mom now, we had her company 24/7.

And for you family members, as I mentioned earlier, Mom is now in Mesquite for the winter. I am picking her up Wednesday morning to take her to an afternoon appointment with a kidney doctor in St George, Utah. They are still searching for a possible cause of her inability to retain magnesium. All of the doctor's & all of the tests have proven to reveal no reasonable cause. Hopefully they'll have an answer soon. As you might know, depleted magnesium gives the same symptoms as severe heart issues. Not good when you really have heart issues, it just confuses the situation. So, a few prayers please, we really need a timely answer. I'll let you all know what we find out after the test results come back. She also has a three hour stress test scheduled and is wearing a heart monitor system for a month. She returns to the cardiologist January 7th, so it will be awhile before we know much. So now you know the rest of the story, lol!

We returned to Vegas on Saturday evening after an uneventful but pretty drive. Larry & Onyx were in the truck, I was driving Mom's car. She'd asked us to please bring it to Mesquite for her. We stopped a few times to stretch our legs & to tease Onyx just a little. She just could not understand how I was at each of their stops. Sunday, after attending church and grabbing a bite to eat, we visited Larry & Tawnia. We hadn't seen them since arriving last weekend and it sure was good to catch up. I took pics of the two little one's and more pics later in the day when we all attend nephew Jared's birthday party. But more on that later, it's time to hit the sack...Good night

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