Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Our campsite

Family photo

First view of the beach

Boats are bobbing

Guys are swiming

Guys are sailing

Labor day at the beach

NIce shot Shirley

Multi purpose path

Path views

That's NY State over there

The women coming right at us

And there they go

The men getting set for their race

And they're off

Turning the corner

Street performer

This mural is a block long


Pedestrian mall

Racers again

Downtown building

There they go

Back on our bikes

What views

Perfect day

Burlington Northern RR

Making my way in

The end to a wonderful day

Of course, we are in Burlington VT you know railroads and coats. What a neat place. We finally got in the campground which is situated on Lake Champlain. We wanted to see the beach which was a 3 minute walk from our site. On our way we crossed a bike path and found that is was a nine mile multi purpose paved path which ran along the shore. The beach was beautiful and we made plans to come back after biking. We rode on a mostly flat grade among other bikers, hikers, joggers, and skateboarders into downtown Burlington. There are 3 colleges here and lots of young people. We parked our bikes and took off on foot to explore. We found there was a professional bike race going on through the downtown streets. We watched both the women and men's races for quite some time. Not sure how they don't crash with so many bikers so close. It was really neat. Burlington also has a four block section of shops and restaurants cordoned off as a pedestrian mall. We strolled the shops catching glimpses of the race as we went. We stopped into a brew pub for a beer and soda then picked up the bike trail again before heading back to the campground. It was time for the beach and was it ever a beauty. Lots of people there at 5 PM. The sun was shining, the lake was inviting and the scenery, oh boy. We could see NY and the Adirondack Mountains on the other side with sailboats and ferries crossing back and forth. The water was pleasantly warm as the temps were in the low 80's. Hamburgs and hots on the grill with corn on the cob capped off a wonderful day. If you have never been to Burlington VT put it on your bucket list you won't be sorry. Enjoy the pics.

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