Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Mountains again

Rural beauty

Still driving and loving it

Leaves starting to change


The house

The man

Over mountain on a dirt road

Our new friends Martha and Gene

Vermont scene

Creek at our camp ground

In for the night

One of two pools. I went in.

Nice club house

Look who is here too!

Another flat out beautiful day, a few puffy clouds and highs in the upper 70's for our short trip yesterday. The leaves are beginning to change. We drove to visit the birthplace of the 21st President Chester A. Arthur. Well that might not be exactly true. Once inside the recreated home (built in 1954) there seems to be some inconsistencies in exactly where Arthur was born and what year and what country! This is all documented in signage and pictures telling his story. I guess he had to have some place to call home so they chose this very rural setting in Vermont. Found out also that he was a big wig in NY City politics that practiced cronyism and favored government jobs for friends and family and many called him corrupt. He was an unwilling VP running mate for soon to be President James A. Garfield and when he was assassinated was thrust into the Presidency. There was a movement to have him declared constitutionally unfit to be hold the office since it was claimed he was actually born in Ireland. See, even before our current President there were these issues. He had a hard time overcoming his foes who thought him to be still corrupt. Congress was gridlocked over his policies. Nothing changes. Next we had a really wonderful experience. When we were in Tucson doing our first NOMAD project we met a waitress at a Greek restaurant who got to talking with us. When we told her we were NOMADS Linda said her parents who live in Vermont were NOMADS too. Shirley has been in contact with them and we found ourselves in their hometown so we met for lunch. Martha and Gene Vossler are wonderful people (just like all NOMADS). We had a great time chatting. The blessing of being a NOMAD continue for us in the people we meet. We pulled in for the night and got the last campsite in the park. We have been very lucky this Labor Day camping with no reservations. Heading to Church soon. Enjoy the pics.

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