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Hanging with the KVOA guys

Kimmie with the film crew

Tourist rant over partial closure of Saguaro National Park -, Tucson, Arizona. Monday, January 22, 2018.

College roomie in town and we have a full day planned. Big breakfast, stretching, bible study, chat...then hiking at Saguaro National Park. We hop in Gypsy with the pups and drive 50 minutes to the East entrance. As we arrive, we notice a film crew outside the front gates. And the gate is closed. Huh?

Oh yeah. Trump. Democrats. Postering. Politics. Government shut down. We hop out, read the sign and start talking to the film crew. Next thing you know, I’m on the 5:00 p.m. news.

No shower. Dirty hair. Not NEAR enough makeup. What was I thinking????

So, the day wasn’t quite as planned, but after a beautiful hike at Aqua Caliente Park and an incidental meet-up with another Winnebago Travato owner, it was absolutely perfect!

Tomorrow, we will attempt to hike Saguaro again now that we have a brief reprieve in the governmental shut down. And yes, I’ll be looking my Sunday best. Yeah, I’m pretty sure there won’t be any cameras around...

You can find the interview at the website address below:

I hope Teddy Roosevelt would be proud....

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