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The Oregon Voyager for Chevron is riding high so must be unloaded

Two ships passing as the excited "neighbor" exclaimed

Same two ships

Jumeirah Beach full of wheat from the WA/ID Paloose area-full & headed...

3 sawdust filled barges & tug

Across the river from us, we watched this barge get filled with...

That's us with the bikes on the back

Another barge

A tug pushing two barges up-river

The Columbia Riverfront RV Park is right on the Columbia River where it heads north after passing Portland and Vancouver. This is farm country. On the opposite side of the road out front, Dike Road, are wheat, alfalfa and hay farms. Further down are blueberry and blackberry farms along with packing plants. But not more than a few miles away is "Wally World" Walmart and Hwy I-5.

So far, we are not doing much more than watching for passing ships, walking along the shore and visiting Wally World or doctors. One day we stopped at a Napa Autoparts to have the truck washed by a church group set up there. A young teen came over and said we looked familiar. Of course, never having been in the area before, we at first thought her wrong. But then I recognized her as the daughter of one of the women at the church we enjoyed in Troutdale last summer. It was fun to see her and marvel at what a small world it is in which we live.

It is fun to see the big ships, tugs and barges pass during the day, and even see their dark mass pass in the night. Unfortunately I missed photographing the largest ship I've seen so far. It was so big, I could not see the tops of the hills across the river. The woman in the rv office said she calls them "moving mountains" and that that particular ship carries brand new autos.

People here often rush out, as do I, to watch the ships go by. It was funny to hear a woman in a nearby rig exclaiming over and over "Oh my G-d" in her Brooklyn accent, as two ships passed right in front of us this morning. (See the photos)

We asked the RV office if we might extend our stay here while Dan is recovering and while we wait to see a couple more doctors. We will have to change spots, but we may stay until at least August 14th. After that, we really hope to get on the road again, though we may make another Camping World stop for an overnighter. So until that time, I'm not really sure I'll have much to report and may not make another journal entry.

PS Dan, who finds so many things on the Internet, found a website that shows us what the ships and tugs are which pass in front of us. We can look up info about them, see where they are registered,and look at other pictures of them.

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