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Wiki Info Heraklion

Wiki Info Knossos

Going into the 2nd month of travel and unfortunately, Mari is still suffering from her cough/congestion, perhaps now more than ever. I know it's a real pain for her in many ways but Bon & I have got to try to avoid it as well...difficult when staying always in the same room. So far we have been lucky due to perhaps lots of vitamin C and keeping a window open at night for ventilation.

Heading out later this a.m. to give Mari a bit more rest time although she (& Bon) stay awake late reading, etc. Going to Iraklion and hopefully, Knossos...tomorrow Phaistos.

Got to Knossos after a short walk trying prices of hotels and ending up in IYH BUDGET Heraklio Y.H. I say budget because it is the kind of place we would normally reject but we are short on time. Still $12 euro/person, no brkfst.

Knossos...what an embarrassment, an insult to archeology and I would think Greece would do more to apologize for this ridiculously improvised example of a 'ruin! The man responsible, Evans, should be removed from any list of archeologists and put on a list of impersonators. This site not only misrepresents any ancient civilization, but makes it impossible for anyone to believe there was anything real here to begin with! This Evans guy has left only what he created out of his imagiation, like Disney but pretending to be serious!

Bon & Mari went to the Archaeological Museum

Visit Info About Museum and saw the famous 'disk' found at Knossos. They are remodeling the place so items are few but apparently well displayed. Got our ferry tickets leaving Sitia at noon thirty Wednesday arriving in Rhodes at 10:30pm. Bus to Sitia leaves tomorrow at 6pm - 3 hours. Will be arriving in both places at night, for me it is my least preferred time to search for accommodations!

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