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Sunset from Houghton, MI campsite.

Michigan (upper and lower) map sticker addition event.

Up-to-date 'Have camped here' US map.

Houghton, MI flower photo.


Queen Ann's Lace flower photo.

Houghton weed photo.

Crew members ready for the Wisconsin Dells deluge.

Dad, Mom and Cousin Janice at sister Sharon's house.

Mom's selection of finished knit chickens that hold a plastic Easter egg.

Sister Sharon with grandchildren at Andrew's football camp scrimmage.

Nephew Andrew with football coach.

One-day-old Trajan Campbell, Mark and Missy's new son.

Aurelia and Trajan

Demetria and Trajan

Our only moose sighting - A Cabella's stuffed one. :)

Oak Creek Campground, Bowmansville, PA campsite.

July 27 – Follow-Up from Past Days Events

We arrived at our Bowmansville, PA campsite after traveling from Volo, IL via Cleveland, OH the past two days in great weather. We have set up camp on the hill and will be here for a couple weeks before starting our northeast trip. See photos.

We did not have great weather on our way from Houghton, MI to Volo, IL. We stopped in Wisconsin Dells at the KOA Campground where we were within sight of the train track and the sound of the trains. We could also feel the trains because our RV rocked from the soil vibration. : )

It started raining at midnight and kept on raining heavily as we attempted to leave. (We felt like we were with our friends the Rzepkas who seem to travel mostly in the rain. : ) )

Our attempt to leave the campground was lengthened by the failure of our RV front landing gear/legs electrical system. In a downpour, we had to use the mechanical crank to lower the legs to lift the RV for hook-up to the truck fifth-wheel and then use the crank to raise the legs for road clearance. It seemed that there were 100, very wet, high torque turns required to move the legs 1/8”. :(

We arrived in Volo, IL, near my parents, and started the electrical failure analysis. With my volt-ohm meter, we found that the switches were getting power but the ground circuit was broken back to the battery. The RV wiring was not color coded and wire colors were changed by splices hidden by layers of electrical tape. I removed the tape from several locations to follow the wires from their sources and could measure voltage and resistance to learn that there was a broken wire/splice somewhere in a 2” wad of wires wrapped by tape.

I cut the ground wire from the landing gear/legs switches and added a wire directly to the battery negative terminal. And wala, the system worked! Life is good. : )

During our first night in Volo, the local siren sounded for many minutes at midnight. My special bed partner slept through the wailing. I went outside, where it was not raining, to learn what the siren meant. It meant that there was a tornado warning. The storm to the north dropped 6” of rain in the Milwaukee area.

The next night we had light rain but to the south, Chicago received 7” of rain.

We visited my folks, Mom at 95 and Dad at 93, in Mundelein south of Volo. We shared stories and I worked on two plumbing jobs and planted a shrub. They are doing well.

Great Family News: While we were visiting my folks and my sister, Sharon, our son Mark’s wife Missy was delivering her fourth child, a boy, Trajan, in Colorado Springs. All is well there. See photos.

Also, during our visit, our nephew, had his final football scrimmage of his football camp. We attended and watched the high school football players expertly coach the youngsters. See photos.

Great Campgound News: At our Bowmansville campground, WiFi antennas were added to our part of the campground so we have 5 bars! So, we do not have to use our Sprint MiFi where its reception was iffy.

Today, we ordered new truck tires to replace our tires with 68,000 miles. We will have them filled with nitrogen which minimizes the pressure loss with time and, supposedly, keeps the tire pressure a constant as they heat up during travel. We have tire pressure monitors on all 8 tires, 4 truck and 4 RV, so we will verify the latter.

Moose Sighting – In lieu of a live moose sighting, we have a backup sighting photo that we obtained in Sidney, NE at the Cabella’s store. See photo.

End of Travel Fuel Usage Report – We traveled 8800 miles, used 668 gallons of diesel with an average of 13.1 MPG. The highest was 16.6 MPG driving around without the RV and the lowest was 10.5 MPG driving in the rain from Wisconsin Dells with the RV.

Have a great week.

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