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At the airport - ready to go home


Today is the day I was not looking forward too. Angela, Scott, Anika, and Brody were heading to the Comox airport to catch their flight back home to Ontario. We got one last photo before they boarded the plane. I cried once again – just like when Tanya and Bailey left. It was hard to say goodbye. Angela figured it was our fault….her theory….. We move to Ontario when they are kids, wait for them to grow up and have families, then we pull up stakes, buy a trailer and head (home) west back to BC, leaving the kids and grandkids behind. She figured we are the ones who left them – and I guess I can’t argue with that!

As much as I do miss the kids – I really do love our lifestyle and the warmer climate we have in BC. We could still be working 40+ hours a week just to pay rent to live in an apartment where we aren’t happy – but we would be close to the girls. Or we could choose an unconventional but more leisure lifestyle, in a warmer climate with the ability to travel and see other family and friends – things that we would not be able to afford or do if we stayed in Toronto.

Plus, we have been able to do all these things and still visit with the girls in Ontario – or have them come out here to visit. As much as I miss them, I am happy we have made the choice to expand our lives to include other people and places. Years from now we just didn’t want to say with regret, ‘We wish we had….’

We hope you also have the chance to do the things you wish to do.....

Follow YOUR Dreams, Peter & Connie

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