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Mountain Columbine

Famous totem at the visitor center

Looking across the valley


The bark of Douglas firs smell like butterscotch



This rock formation resembles a person sitting off the trail

A perfect christmas tree



Crazy tree growth

A beautiful day with my love


What do you see when you look at these hoodoos?

Looks like a brain

Columns, pillars & pinnacles

Beautiful view thru the trees

Stopping to enjoy the view

Walking back up the bike path to camp

Our site...nice & large

It's time for a cool one

Today we were geared up for a little rain, but woke to blue skies. So, we walked the 1/2 mi to the Red Canyon Visitor Center via part of the 8.3 miles of bike path that runs parallel to Hwy 12. The Pink Ledges Trail is an interpretive trail that starts from the visitor center and is a 1/2 mile easy to moderate trail. What a spectacular walk thru the ponderosa pines, douglas firs and limber pines in this area. Geologists use the term "Hoodoo" to describe the mystical and magical appearance of the rocks that make Red Canyon famous. It is said that the Native Americans believed that these pillars were evil people left behind. Hoodoos are columns, pinnacles or pillars of rock that have variable thickness and a totem pole shaped appearance. The columns started forming nearly 10 million years ago with the relentless weather and erosion attacking the weaker layers leaving the more resistant layers in place. Mother nature sure provides some of her best work for us to enjoy on this trail.

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