Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Shirley's step father Richard taking Nickie to the groomer

Yup, the clothes are clean

Thelma and Leona reflecting

Conie was so into clowns

Another beautiful day

Yesterday was our last day "in the valley" as the locals call it. We are beginning the next leg of our great adventure. Shirley went to her sister Connie's grave site, this time with her mother and sister Leona. I stayed home to get things ready. The truck was filled up at the same station two weeks ago where I paid $3.839 per gallon for diesel. Today it was $4.099 and the cheapest by far around! Looks like we are in for high fuel prices through Labor Day. The laundry was calling my name today and I also washed the truck and camper so we are squeaky clean. Shirley's mother, sister Leona and her husband Dale were our guests for dinner at the Chinese Buffet. We learned that Shirley's Aunt Clara had a heart attack and surgery early in the morning. Shirley visited Aunt Clara and found she was moved to a regular room and was doing very well. They hope to send her home in a few days. Not bad for an 88 year old. Next up....the Thousand Islands. Enjoy the pics.

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