Thursday morning, August 7, around 0730 Ross & Marge left the campground in Phoenix, Oregon for Red Bluff, Oregon where they were to meet five Allegro Club members for the Allegro Club August Outing. They arrived at the Durango RV Park around 1030 and by 1100 they were registered and settled. The remaining members arrived later in the afternoon.

The temperature in Red Bluff was slightly below normal as Red Bluff in usually well into the hundreds during the day at this time of the year. The outing went well and Sunday morning everyone was packing up and four of the five we heading to Redmond, Oregon to attend the FMCA Rally and the other two were heading to their respective homes.

Ross & Marge arrived home around 1230 and they spend most of the afternoon unloading the motorhome. They only worked at unloading for a couple of hours when they decided to go out for an early lunch/dinner.

After dinner Ross discovered that their modem/router had taken a dump so he went to Best Buy to get a replacement. Around 1930 Ross had the router up and running and had programmed Marge's computer, their two Notes, and both printers to the new router.

The trip summary is: Total Mileage 7496, Average Miles Per Hour 48, Total Driving Hours 156.11, Total Gallons of Diesel Fuel Consumed 1013, and Average Miles Per Gallon 7.4.

That is it for 2014,

Ross & Marge

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