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We didn't do very much while in the Port of Newport since Dan was pretty sick with bronchitis and in pain with a broken rib and bruised abdomen. However, it was fun to walk across the "campground" parking lot to the boating/fishing parking lot to watch the local fishing boats pull out of the water in the afternoon. There were three boat ramp lines with boats lined up in the water waiting their turns to motor up onto their trailers to be hauled out. After the boats were hosed down, the fishermen would take their catch over to the cleaning tables. We saw some beautiful fish and crabs. Most interesting were the sturdy bodied tuna with their prehistoric bumps on the sides of their bodies.

The Port of Newport is very eclectic. There are private and commercial fishing boats. There are huge NOAA ships. There is an aquarium, a marine science museum/learning center, a marine themed entertainment/shopping/amusement area, Coast Guard Museum and many, many seafood restaurants and shops in the "old town". And from all areas around the port you can see the really high, arched Hwy 101 bridge over the river mouth. Its all picturesque in a marine kind of way.

Days started out misty, became warm and partly sunny/cloudy, and windy in the afternoon.

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