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With our GPS on the fritz, we followed Steve Weaver to Charleston.

Junior is getting used to this traveling thing.

Nuggie can take a nap anywhere, anytime.

Lake Aire RV Park - Hollywood, South Carolina

This website is great for finding campgrounds and see how they are...

The first thing Hazel did when we arrived was to wash the...

Our neighbors have a new Fleetwood Expedition.

Ron has a cup of morning coffee.

Watching the morning talk shows.

Steve Weaver bikes by, faster than my camera shutter.

We're here in Hollywood, South Carolina, a suburb of Charleston, about 10 miles from downtown. Lake Aire RV Park is a Passport America camp, very nice, and it seemed to come with a "Welcome Wagon" committee. About 2 minutes after we pulled in on Thursday afternoon, the neighbors next to us, and the ones across the road, came over to say "hello". Steve Weaver was positioning his 5th wheeler one space down from ours, and he experienced the same thing. The neighbor lady's Boxer got cozy with Steve's Laborador, and the two of them went running around the park. Steve came over and said "Wow, they've got a Welcome Wagon at this camp!" Indeed they did.

The neighbors to our left are from Ontario, and they were going to leave today for home, but decided at the last minute to stay another week. Isn't retirement great? Our neighbors across the road have a brand-new Fleetwood Expedition, and when I saw the full basement storage that thing had, I was green with envy. That model has the "grandkids" bunk beds, which would be perfect for us. Maybe someday.

On Friday, Steve and I went to North Charleston to pickup my replacement GPS. I'd ordered it online on the Walmart website, for free delivery to the store, it wasn't a model they carry in stock, and then over to Camping World to pick up some things for the motorhome I'd been wanting. It is easy to drop a few bucks in that place, their catalog has a hallowed place in our bathroom magazine rack.

On Saturday morning, Hazel and I drove a few miles towards civilization and stopped at a flea market, where Hazel bought a handmade purse from a lady, more of a "delivery pouch", she said, very nice, I wonder if she'll replace the purse I bought for her at Walmart a couple of years ago for $10 bucks. It's been to Europe twice and hasn't been stolen, wonder why. Our daughter-in-law, Mei, gave Hazel a beautiful "Coach" shoulder bag that Hazel has for special occasions. it is amazing what some of those purses sell for.

It is Sunday morning, about 3:30 AM, and I'm up listening to the rain on the roof, what a great sound. The weather here has been great, warm and sunny. On Monday, we're going to head into Charleston and catch the boat to Fort Sumter for a tour, and maybe on Tuesday we'll tour one of those old Southern mansions. Check-out time is noon, I think, on Thursday morning, and Hazel and I will be heading North. Steve Weaver is going to move to the KOA a few miles away, and spend another week or so before heading back to West Virginia.

It's been a great 5 weeks on the road, with a couple more to go, or more.

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