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The Resturant we had lunch in. Was OK

Welcome to "South Padre Island, TX"

Approaching the island


Planes flying their signs, getting ready for Spring Break

The water conditions is indicated by the color of the flying flag....


Debbie still thinks the water is chilly

Condo/Apartments from the beach

Sand Shark

Sand Turtle

The road actually ends

Wind Surfers

Looks fun


Today our car turned over 58,000 miles...It has been from the Florida...

Ah we got to the Gulf of Mexico. Today while Dick and Marilyn took care of some medical appointments, we took off to spend the day on South Padre Island. One day before the College kids from the mid-west will be flocking the streets, motels and everything in-between to celebrate their "Spring Break". Us not wanting to experience their spring break with them we decided to go a day ahead of them. While they were arriving they had not set up or ready to celebrate yet.

It is a beautiful place. Sort of like Virginia Beach it is a beautiful beach without any boardwalk. Further down the road they had parasailing that we watched for awhile before heading back to the motorhome in Mission. While going back to Mission we went through a town known as "Donna, TX" I thought of my sister and gave her a call.

Anyway the day was perfect. We ate at a local "seafood restaurant" which was ok. But there food was mostly fried food.

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