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Foggy Mountain Morning

Toad River Airport - Grass Strip

Horse Ranch

Winding road with foggy mountain

Undulating road and Racing River Bridge

Racing River

Unmarked Roadway

Caribou Holding up Traffic

Caribou Buck - Velvet almost shed

Caribou in Velvet

Caribou herd

More Caribou

Still more Caribou

More Caribou herd

A Stone Sheep

Three Stone Sheep on Hillside

Stone Sheep Posing

Stone Sheep on Roadway

Stone Mountain

Looking toward side of roadway

Semi wiith Double Tankers

Summit Lake

Tetsa River

Tetsa River again

Steamboat Mountain Viewing Platform

Snow Cover at Summit Pass

Summit Pass

Snow cover a little lower

More snow Cover

and more snow cover

Falling Rock sign

A Gravel Turnout

Snow on Mountain

Mountains and winding roadway

Sikanni River RV Office

Our Coyote

Coyote closeup

We awoke this morning to see small white things flying in the air. Eddi said the thermometer in the car said 37 degrees. Nothing heavy, just a very light flurry, but enough to want us to get back down to the lower 48. Leaving Toad River, we crossed over the Racing and MacDonald Rivers before ascending to Summit Pass, elevation 4250. Enroute, we encountered a herd of caribou and then a small group of stone sheep. As we climbed up to Summit Pass, the dusting of snow on the trees and ground became heavier. Descending on the east side of Summit Pass, the dusting of snow became gradually less, disappearing around 2500 ft, although we were still encountering some snowflakes in the air. Of course, as the temperature rose during the morning, the snow flakes disappeared. Passing Fort Nelson, BC, the road became smoother with fewer frost heaves, allowing us to make a little better time. Stopping for the night at Sikanni River RV, we had an interesting experience. During dinner we noticed several people looking at the rear of our coach. When Eddi went outside to see what was going on, they said that there was a coyote underneath our coach. She took some pictures of him hiding. They chased him out and it appeared that he had an injured leg.

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