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Wines @ Megan's place

Rescued sea gull

Megan & me feeding swans


On the way back to Leeds we stopped in the thriving metropolis of Lincoln to catch up with Megan for New Years. A fun, but quiet New Years resulted, the highlight of which was the New Zealand lamb for dinner. We considered going out but the crowds, the fact that most place charged an exorbinant cover and put their drink prices up put us off.

Otherwise, New Year's day was also quiet - mostly exploring Lincoln and going for a couple of walks with Korina and Megan. Drama of the day was probably the 2 hours we spent rescuing a sea gull that was hooked by one wing to a phone line half way across a canal. I don't much like sea gulls, but the poor animal was in such distress we had to do something. After we tried a number of techniques to rescue it a fella came out with a large stick which had a knife taped to the end and managed to cut the line trapping the bird. So a happy end, but for a while it looked like no one was going to give a crap about the poor gull.

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