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Cusco from Sacsaywaman.

Sacsaywaman 2.

Sacsaywaman 3

Cusco main plaza from Sacsaywaman.


Sacsaywaman 4

Sacsaywaman 5

Who were the better stonemasons, Inca or modern Cusco man?

Sacsaywaman 6.

Sacsaywaman 7.

Sacsaywaman 8.

Not an original part of Sacsaywaman but at least I don't need...


Tambomchay 2.

Otherwise known as Sacsaywaman, the closest major Inca site to Cusco. Spent a whole day walking to all the ruins around Cusco, a 20km round trip. Unfortunately I forgot that I'd had my hair cut and badly sunburned my neck.

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