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Willy and his baguette


The hazy white cliffs of Dover


On the boat to Calais


The Swiss Alps


Did everyone know you can’t actually drive the tunnel from the UK to France? I thought that was the whole point of having the tunnel. You have to put your car on a train that takes you thru the tunnel..... that was a little expensive so we caught the ferry from Dover to Calais. We only had a short stop in Dover; we will be going back though. It would be good to see the big Dover castle and walk amongst the white cliffs. We got some pics of the white cliffs but it was a pretty hazy day.

We arrived in Calais and set off to drive as far as we could that night. When we hit the highway we had to stop and get a toll ticket, we didn’t really think anything of it and presumed when you got to the end you pay a toll. Well yes, a toll you pay! Luckily we left the highway at about 300kms to go to the bank and didn’t drive the whole 600kms we had to drive through France because it cost us AU$37.00!! So we continued along the back roads.

France is as beautiful as I remember and the colours at this time of the year are amazing. The grass is so green, compared to the freshly ploughed brown of the crops and the yellow of the canola fields. It makes you realise how much of a draught we are in, in Australia. Little towns dot the countryside, each with a beautiful church as a centrepiece and every now and then a massive fort or castle dominates the hill top. It was a very nice drive through France.

To continue on to northern Italy we had to pass through Switzerland. So we drive up to the border, everyone is just cruising through but oh no we got pulled up, asked a zillion questions, had the van searched before they understood we were just passing through to go to Italy to watch the Giro and then they saw the bikes and they were all happy. As we were just passing through Switzerland we just stuck to the main highway but we still go to see the snow capped Swiss Alps and the pretty towns that surround the lakes below them. And we drove through this massive tunnel through a mountain that was like 21kms long.

Finally we got to the Italian border, where we did just cruise through; our destination of Como was just over the border.

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