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Invercargill - The southern most town in New Zealand

The high street at Invercargill

The backpackers lodge in Invers - Tuatara Lodge.

The backpackers lodge in Invers - Tuatara Lodge.

After a lot of waiting around today...

We are now in Invercargill. We hope that the driver takes us to The Bluff tomorrow - (NZ most southerly point... not including Stewart Island) but not sure if he will. From there we're heading up to Dunedin, which we're only going to stay at overnight aswell. There's 60km of gravel road to Dunedin, so not really looking forward to that in a packed bus.

After Dunedin -> Christchurch. eek. The end of New Zealand. We hope that you've enjoyed the pics of NZ - we've really loved it here, it made a big inpact on our trip.

Right now we're focusing Aus. It's 72 hours away and time is ticking!


Photos will be taken!

How exciting!!

It's funny, although we're still in NZ we're hardly thinking about it now. Aus calls.

Right. Gotta go. Everyone is whinging that we are hogging the computer!

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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