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Fasten your seatbelts - the view out of Bangkok

A menu!!!


Our main meal

Oh pardon me sir

Check out the leg room!

Perth city skyline - Brian & Mervyn Rea

Our first Mrs Macs meat pie - Andrea & Tracey Rea

Cuppa anyone?

Daughter Brogan with friends Chloe and Lauren

Yup, a drive-thru liquor store! Only in Aus!

A chocolate factory...umm heaven!

...followed by local Lancaster wine tasting

inspecting the ingredients

...followed by Fishtail wines

the last men standing stop - the beach by Hillaries

Dude, where's my car?

That's more my style

We were missing Asia...

Brian bonding with Brogan

Sunset on Mularoo Beach

The very place these two were wed

Paddy the dog

Swan Bells tower

Brian's new local pub

Short cut through the park

Another satisfied customer

The Perth Mint

That's a big nugget

Panning for gold

Some fun on the beach

the happy couple

Surf's up

After a wonderful week in Koh Tao, we took the ferry/bus back to Bangkok and prepared to fly to Perth, Australia via Singapore.

Our first upgrade to business class happened on the flight from Bangkok to Singapore. We were still figuring out all of the seat positions and extra buttons when it landed. What a treat! Have a look at the leg room and what we ate!

We were warmly greeted by a friend originally from Northern Ireland, Mervyn Rea who showed us around some of Perth's views. We visited a chocolate factory, local wineries and beautiful beaches - and that was only in the first couple of days! From there, we explored Perth visiting the Swan Bells and Perth Mint where we held a real bar of gold and saw one actually being made from 1300 oC - woo wee! Better yet, we were told what our weight in gold would be worth. I'm worth $1.5 million while Brian weighed in at a mere $2 million dollars! (I still told him he's priceless in my books!)

It's been oddly cool and rainy this year - or so the locals tell us. It's only in the 40's instead of the typical 50+oC weather! It took us a few days to adjust to a westernised culture again. We hadn't realised how used to Asian food, culture and size of people we were. It has sure been nice to stay in a normal home environment again though. We are so lucky to be enjoying the Rea family's hospitality.

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