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Death Valley was placed on the itinerary list while we were still at home and research gave us the impression that we could easily spend five days here in the largest national park in the lower 48. But when we booked a campsite we could only get three days. After we got here we realized that there are a very small number of sites with full hook-ups, but plenty of sites that can't be reserved. By then we had made subsequent reservations and had to move on. But after a low key week in Pahrump we found ourselves with a few extra days and Death Valley only an hour a way. On the news locals have been extolling the spring flower bloom at the park this year, caused by the amazing amount of rain last fall. I love flowers and Ken loves photographing them. So here we are again, still driving in circles.

What a difference a few weeks make. It was kind of cold when we were here last and one of the roads we wanted to drive was closed due to ice. The boon docking campground was nearly empty, but now we are cheek to jowl with hundreds of our closest friends. For $6/night what do you expect? We had no trouble getting to play on the golf course after 1pm when the cheaper prices kick in. It was a nicer course than the one we played in Pahrump and had a surprising amount of water. We were told that balls don't sail as far when you are 214 feet below sea level, but I never hit very far anyway. It's odd to find a golf course in such a nature-y spot. It was built as 3-hole course in 1927 and added onto over the years. Back in the day fancy hotels and good railroad connections brought the wealthy to our newly created national parks out west. They were lured out here from the East for a resort type vacation and didn't bring hiking boots and back packs. Today we can have both.

Tomorrow we'll check out those flowers.

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