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Crater Lake

Crater Lake

It has been awhile since the Hill’s made a journal entry and the reason can be summed up in one word, lazy. The writer simply hasn’t felt like writing anything for some time so this entry will try to give everyone a very brief outline of what has transpired since Ross & Marge left White Salmon, Washington on Tuesday July 26.

Ross & Marge left the Bridge RV Park around 0815 and headed west on Washington State Highway 14 to the town of Washougal where the Pendleton Mills Outlet is located. They hadn’t been to the outlet in several years and had never approached Washougal from the east before. They took the first turn off for Washougal and soon discovered that nothing looked familiar. They finally stopped at an empty lot and went on the internet to get the address of the outlet and then programmed that into their navigation program. The program took them near the outlet but a new overpass had been installed and that change was not included in their navigation program. It took a few minutes to find their way around but they eventually made it to the outlet where they parked in the parking lot and turned on the generator and the a/c units so the dog would be comfortable because the day was heating up quickly.

About an hour later and minus about $120 dollars they left Washougal for Salem, Oregon. They arrived in Salem around noon at the Phoenix RV Park where they had reservations for two nights. They were assigned a spot but the office was closed until after 1300 so they got the motorhome connected and promptly left for Costco to restock the larder. Around 1500 they returned to the campground and went into the office to register and complete the paperwork. They asked if they could spend a week but were told that the campground was full beginning Thursday due to a fair that was moving into the nearby fairgrounds.

After returning to the motorhome they made a couple of telephone calls to campgrounds in Eugene and were able to obtain reservations at a campground in Eugene for four nights. After arranging the next four days they made arrangements to take a dinner tour on a paddle wheel boat on the Willamette River the next evening. The dinner tour on the boat was a bit of a disappointment because the dinner selection had only two choices and neither was very appetizing. They would not recommend the boat tour.

They left Salem Thursday morning for The Kamping RV Park in Coburg, Oregon. They arrived in Coburg around noon and as soon as they drove into the park they recognized the park as one they had driven through previously and realized it is not a campground they really wanted to stay in. They had originally made reservations for four nights but they told the campground manager they had changed their minds and would only be staying for one night. They then called the Seven Feathers Campground in Canyonville, Oregon and made arrangements to stay there from August 1 to August 6.

After getting settled in Coburg they drove into Eugene to visit the Voodoo Donut Shop. This is very unique donut shop that makes some very unusual donuts. They purchased three donuts; one apple fritter for Marge, and two jelly filled donuts for Ross. The donuts were the next morning’s breakfast that they ate before heading for Canyonville. The donuts were good but they did not met the level of the McMillans cream filled donuts Ross is so fond of and must have a feed whenever he is in New Jersey.

They traveled to Canyonville on Friday August 1 and they are there until August 6 when they leave for a one night stay in Medford, Oregon. They decided to spend one night in Medford to break up the long drive between Canyonville and Red Bluff, California. They will travel onto Red Bluff from Medford on Thursday where they will attend their Allegro Club’s August outing before heading home on Sunday the 10th.

Yesterday Ross and Marge drove to Crater Lake which is located about 100 miles from Canyonville. They ran into two construction delays and they did not get to Crater Lake until 1200. They drove to the Visitors Center and then walked along the walkway that parallels the lake to the Crater Lake Lodge where they had lunch. After finishing lunch they got into the truck and headed back to Canyonville.

That is it for now,

Ross & Marge

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