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Carpe boondocking at Burro Creek BLM

Entering NV 101 west loop to bypass Phoenix

Ever wonder where Nothing was?
It's along US 93 south of Wikiup

US 93 goes thru the Arrastra Mountain Wilderness

We leave US 93 for Burro Creek

Steep (6%) grade takes us down to Burro Creek

Welcome to Burro Creek CG

US 93 crosses Burro Creek on this graceful span

Sunset at Burro Creek

sxi, 17 Oct: Heading north...

Carpe seemed to drive so much smoother following her annual service. It must be that clean oil and all that grease in her innumerable grease fittings. Or possibly it's the psychological result of writing a big check for service? Whichever, she ran like a top today.

We departed the Freightliner of Arizona Tolleson Service Center at 0923 and headed to Nevada 101 West Loop to bypass Phoenix to the north. We transitioned to I 17 for about eight miles and then took NV 74 west to US 93 south of Wickenburg. We switched driving duties so Bob would have the opportunity to transit Wickenburg's two traffic circles. He just loves traffic circles...

The drive north on US 93 takes us just west of Congress and then into the Arrastra Mountain Wilderness. We've taken this route many times in the past and have never stopped. This time we decided to spend the nite at the Burro Creel Campground. Burro Creek is a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) site about twelve miles south of Wikiup.

We found the exit with no problem and took the steep 1½ mile road to the campground and found a large, fairly level, pull thru site with a picnic table and ramada. These BLM sites do not have any services so we were fully self contained.

Usually boondocking is not a problem, especially with our solar panels. Today, however, was overcast so the batteries only reached 97% charge. No problem, we have plenty of reserve so we had no problems with running fans (it was warm, but cooled down after dark), cooking dinner, and reading.

Once settled in we took some walks to enjoy the scenery and solitude. We had a great view of the Burro Creek bridge that takes US 93 over the gorge.

We were treated to a beautiful desert sunset followed by an absolutely dark and quiet nite. We had a restful nite's sleep.

Today's run was a paltry 130 miles along NV 101 / I 17 / NV 74 / and US 93. Our fuel economy was a disappointing 7.8 mpg.

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