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Topiary, within HCMC zoo/gardens

Later we found out "Không ăn các vật" meant Do not feed...

Just wanted to do a quick mention on food. We have had a couple of meals but they have been quite drastically different.

Our first restaurant was quite exquisitely ornate, it is hard to tell if the decor is there as a gimmick or this is genuine decoration. We were impressed either way. Jen ordered what she thought was steak and chips but was served it Vietnam style (ie in a sauce), where as Ric's had the noodles with mixed meat (mixed meat being beef, pork, large shrimp and possibly octopus). Coupled with great service and free cold drinks this place was the bargain of the century being under £10.

The second restaurant was even more ornate, this time we sat inside on the top floor over looking the dinning area. The food we were served was again delicious and exotic. Ric opting for the tastiest (and spiciest) beef with rice and Jen ordered the pork with egg cake and broken rice. We are only mentioning these places as they were so well presented and finely served that we think they deserved a mention.

Afterwards we went for a short walk in the gardens/zoo. A fitting end to the afternoon.

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