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This was quite interesting and that is why I am posting it. I called the local Wal*Mart here in Mission, TX today to find out what their hours were for their hair salon only to find that the person who answered the phone answered in "Spanish". I was taken by surprise and responded with does someone speak English. The same person then began speaking to me in English. I had better add this to my book of firsts.

Since this was our last night with Dick and Marilyn in Mission, TX he suggested that we eat dinner at the Lonesome Dove. It is a dive. You would never know where it was if you were not a local. It turned out to not be a very good experience. Dick mentioned that this was a first for him to be treated so rude, he said he will not be returning. We were waited on by the owner who immediately started by letting us know that her cook had gone for the day and she "hates" cooking. Guess we should have taken a hint and just left. Not going to recommend the Lonesome Dove in Mission, TX.

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