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Stone messages 1

Stone messages 2

Stone messages 3

Watch for wildlife

Horses along side roadway

Laird River

Scenery along Laird River Valley

First lone buffalo1

First lone buffalo2

Second lone buffalo


A Small Lake

Trout River

First Buffalo Herd 1

First Buffalo Herd 2

He crossed the road

to eat on this side.

Second herd - right side of road

Second herd - left side of road

Notice buffalo in the edge of the trees



Snow Capped Mountains

Snow caps


Blue Green Water of Muncho Lake

Caribou herd

Toad River

Muncho Lake

A nice day today. Had a short rain shower last night. I remembered this morning that I had not included any pictures of the rock messages in my earlier blog, so will include some in today’s. Our travel today will take us from Watson Lake, Yukon Territory to a place called Toad River, British Columbia. We will also be crossing the YT/BC border another 5 times during today’s drive. We crossed the border twice yesterday. Leaving Watson Lake, we drove along the Laird River for quite a ways, even having to stop for construction on the Laird River Bridge. We came upon six individual buffalo during the first part of our drive, along with about eight horses that were grazing along the roadside. We later encountered two different herd of buffalo and got some good pictures. As we approached Muncho Lake, we then encountered a herd of caribou that were crossing the road. We later saw two other caribou by themselves. Again, the scenery was very beautiful with some of the mountains already capped with snow. We are camping this evening at the Toad River Lodge & RV, which sits near the Toad River about 2 hours west of Fort Nelson, BC.

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