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The water problem turned out to be a hose connected to the outgoing side of the water heater. The dealer was able to fix it in less than 1 hr and for only $75. Whew. We decided to continue south to the closest network campground which is in Gasburg VA. We arrived just before dark. But our troubles were not over. We began setting up when the DC power shutoff. Almost everything in an RV runs off the DC power. So we had no lights, no refrigerator, and no hot water, but we did have TV. Dan opened the compartment that housed the batteries. The problem was obvious. One of the primary battery cable ends broke. Dan was able to jerry rig a fix so we had temporary power. During the evening, a storm game through and the AC power went off. In the morning, our power still was not back on. We decided to go to a hardware store so Dan could get the materials to permanently fix the battery cable and noticed the lights were on in the campground. Since we still didn't have AC power, we had another problem. crap crap crap We passed a maintenance guy on our way back to our site. He came with us and ensured we had power at the box. He also unlocked the 50 amp plug so we test our power without the 30 amp adapter. We had power when directly connected to the 50 amp plug so that meant tour problem was with the 30amp adapter. We went to the store and bought a new 30 amp adapter, new battery cables, and new battery cable ends. Since Dan could do all the work himself we got by with another cheap fix about $75. This is not a great park and there isn't much around so we called Pirateland in Myrtle beach and our site becomes available on Tuesday. We will be moving there sooner than originally planned.

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