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Brody climbing railings in White Rock BC

Resting after walking the boardwalk

Hi Brody

Anika by the "White Rock"

Who's that in the tree?

Lynn Valley - Brody

Anika at Lynn Valley

Angela, Scott, Anika and Brody

Scott just hanging around

Brave folks on the suspension bridge in Lynn Valley

Anika hanging around too

Angela, Anika and Brody

Capilano Fish Hatchery - waterfall from the 'dam'

New Moon was filmed on these paths

Angela and Brody

Fall colours at the Fish Hatchery

Angela, Scott, Anika and Brody

Brody at Horseshoe Bay

Huge totem poles at Horseshoe Bay - Brody is quite small in...

Scott and Angela


Brody and Cyril

Hi Everyone,

Yes the title is correct, other than the few short hours we have had clouds and/or rain every day so far! I had so hoped that the grandkids would see how lovely this part of the country can be when the sun shines on the mountains – but alas – the weatherman is not co-operating! However, as Angela mentioned, they came out the visit us and the weather can’t ruin that! Wow, what a great attitude! But, I still secretly hope for better weather!

We stayed with their great grandmother, Irene, (their dad’s mother) for the first few days. During this stay we caught a sunshine break and packed everyone, Irene included into the Suburban and headed to White Rock. We walked the boardwalk, Brody climbed the trees, Anika and I stood by the huge “white” rock and we all enjoyed the sun, the waves and the Pacific Ocean.

The last few days on the mainland we stayed at my cousin Heidi’s home in Langley. We really enjoyed our stay there and the kids really loved Cyril their dog. Last month Bailey was extremely pleased to find out that the Cyril’s birthday was on the same day as hers, Dec 11.

We found a non-rainy day (just overcast) and took the long drive to West and North Vancouver. We stopped at Lynn Valley to walk across the suspension bridge – Peter actually walked out 1/3 of the way – no I didn’t follow! Peter once again played monkey and swung on the cable holding the bridge – and of course Scott (Angela’s husband) and Anika both followed suit.

Our next stop was the Capilano fish hatchery. Much to Anika’s joy (she loves the Twilight series) we walked the same paths the stars of New Moon walked as they taped part of the movie in this locale. Brody enjoyed viewing the huge water fall and walking the muddy paths – in his nice clean runners – as any typical 8 year old boy would.

Since we were so close, I convinced Peter to drive a bit further west to Horseshoe Bay. We sipped tea and hot chocolate as we waited for one of the ferries to arrive. The kids loved seeing the totem poles and the marina silhouetted against the mountains – the parts not covered in clouds! We arrived home safe and sound in the dark and Brody – not yet used to the 3 hour time change - once again fell asleep and missed supper! We tried to wake him – but once he is asleep – nothing will wake him!

Hope you enjoyed travelling the lower mainland with us today –

till the next time – P & C.

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