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A 20 year old hardwood boat being restored

The sad state of poultry

Local kids

View of the river as the sun sets

The river

Getting out of Sibu wasn't trivial. We got lost a couple of times. Eventually a friendly local came to our rescue with some straight and forward directions. The ride took us passed many clearcuts and logging stations, as well as areas displaying signs of heavy pesticide use. We also passed an entire longhouse community right off the road, likely a relocation area. It was quite beautiful and full of people going about their daily tasks, and many bathers in the nearby river.

Selangau is just a couple of rows of shophouses, and a tiny local market situated very near the river. We stayed at the Fu City Inn, and hung out with local kids that were quite excited to see us as we broke up their routine a little.

We went for a walk along the muddy banks of the river before having some dinner. Many people bathing, kids splashing and women cleaning dishes, clothes and their kids in the water. A very quiet and peaceful place, with nothing but kids' laughter echoing. We chatted with a local man who was working on his 20 year old boat, made out of some very hard wood. It was nice to see him take his time with it. Long boats on the river were taking people upstream and downstream to their longhouses, many coming back from working at the local market all day.

Later in the evening we had dinner of some rice and jungle fern, "Superman Returns" already out on DVD - only in Malaysia.

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