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Dent head viaduct

Ingleborough, one of the three peaks with its broad summit.

Wensleydale near Hawes

Waterfall in Hawes

14.6 Miles Cowgill to Hawes

To-days route was to Hawes a town I like very much indeed and even though it was Sunday I looked forward to finding plenty of places open. I last stayed in the town in April 2018 as the Pennine way route passes very close to it. After breakfast it was time to leave the Sportsmans inn and set off for Hawes an area of outstanding natural beauty. I had a small breakfast and headed out into a lovely sunny day and left Cowgill up under the impressive Dent hill viaduct (see photo)and up to Stoops moss an area of high moorland of over 1400 feet.

The day would involve alot of climbs and descents as I headed due south down one valley to scale the other side to reach the Cam high road built by the Romans this rose to 1900 foot before I bade farewell to the Dales way a constant companion for over 40 miles and joined the Pennine way for my second part of the trip. The views were lovely including the three peaks

and the temperature only dropped a little at altitude.

The days walk was a pleasure, reasonably waymarked and by and large easy going but for a few huffs and puffs on the sharp ascents.

Soon beautiful Wenslydale came int view

It is one of my favourite Dales and beautiful on a sunny day. By 4pm I was duly settled in my lovely overnight accommodation and following a shower and freshen up it was time for an evening meal and relaxing night. Hawes is a quirky little place with cobbled streets, independent shops and as the last photo shows from the bridge a small waterfall.

With evening comes my ritual preparation of gear for the next day based on distance, weather conditions and anything else I can think of.

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