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Leaf hopper

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On a nature walk

Up at 4:45 AM after a difficult sleep. Had all sorts of issues with the internet and lots of bugs all over the computer screen. When I finally got under the mosquito net I was accompanied by several mosquitos and several other biting insects. The night was punctuated by snoring from the next room, the fluttering of either a bat or a large moth, and the occasional bang of a mango hitting he metal roof and several downpours.

After a cup of tea we headed in the dark down to the boat. The seat with Ann and Robin had its back break, so that was fun. We sailed back the route we had taken yesterday back to the truck we had left behind On the way we saw a troop of Capuchin monkeys with babies in tow jumping from tree to tree. We sat in the bed of the truck on a hand made seat and drove along the savannah. Road was quite rutted and very wet sometimes the road was actually a stream!

As far as wildlife sightings went we saw a lot of birds. We almost saw an anteater, but the guide couldn’t find it. Anyway, we saw a spangled cotinga, a vermilion flycatcher, a great black hawk, a saw tailed flycatcher, a Jabiru stork, a striated heron, several crested bobwhites, a common potoo (an owl), a great egret, and a white necked heron, plus others.

Back at the boat we spotted a pair of black ibis – very large birds. Then through the jungle to one of the lakes with the Victorica Amazonica giant water lilies and two pairs of leaf hoppers With very big feet to be able to stand on the lilies) – waddle jacana and purple gallinule.

Back at the lodge they had a nice breakfast prepared for us – then a short break. It rained on and off all morning after we got back. On one of the pauses we went off on a local walk through the jungle. Robin slipped and fell and decided to go back. Then Ann fell but continued.

We first saw an emerald hummingbird, then evidence of armadillos, a giant centipede, and lots of rain. Lots. The whole hike was about 30 minutes then back at the lodge for a break. Itg had stopped raining so we explored the old river otter rehabilitation center ( a small building with three sections) all we saw was a parasol wasp nest. We both continued to get bit by various sucking and biting bugs (but we were in the hammocks) and we took a short nap.

Then we headed to the lodge to sort out stuff from yesterday and get away from the constant arguments of our tour mates, but they showed up immediately after. We hung around until lunch, where they again monopolized the conversation, competing with each other in terms of what they had done.

Then Ann went off fishing and Kitty and I sat around reading waiting for our evening boat trip up the Ruounui River. We met at the lodge at 3:45 and waited until 4:15 but Ann wasn’t back, so Manuel said let’s go. We met her at the boat – she had caught a fish,

Then off up the river and we saw lots of birds and an iguana. Then into Mobley Pond where there were supposed to be otters – none. We did scare some baby leaf hoppers into the water and Manuel rescued the one we could see and put it on a pad. Down to the end of the pond and back and lots of birds, the baby chick had gone so we figured all was well.

The rest of the trip back went easily – we almost saw a water rat, but they went under before we could get a look. Back at the lodge after dark and saw a grey fox.

Over to dinner and I was asking Manuel about his food and Ann took over. I let it go for a bit then asked to get back to the original conversation and she got really pissed. The dinner was rather cold.

After I went to use the office to do school work and Kitty and Ann got into a shouting match as Ann was talking to Robin about how the schedule change was all our fault and some nasty things about me. You could hear them all over the compound. Later Kitty came over to tell me what happened, I finished grading and went back to bed.

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