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Townsville from the top of Castle Hill

Brahman Bull

Highest waterfall in Australia - Wallaman Falls at 268 metres

Lucinda's 6 km sugar cane jetty

Pretty lotuses but beware of Crocs!

The BIG Golden Gumboot at Tully - wettest place in Australia

Townsville is the second largest city in Queensland with a population of 180,000 and surprisingly quite compact. We had great views of the city and surrounding area including out to Magnetic Island from the pink granite monolith that is Castle Hill. While we drove up, lots of other fit people walked, jogged and cycled up. The Ross River flows through town, isn't there a mosquito-borne virus named after it? Aerogard anyone?

Driving through Ingham I was very disappointed that despite its strong Italian heritage there was not one Italian cake shop to be seen. So no Rum Baba for me!

We spent two nights at Lucinda on the coast so we could visit Wallaman Falls, Australia's tallest single drop waterfall. It was wonderful all 268 metres of it.

It is sugar cane season and we have crossed and waited at so many narrow gauge level crossings. There's so much sugar cane up here and so many tracks which all lead to Lucinda's 6 km-long sugar jetty, the world's largest bulk sugar loading facility.

Had great $15 pizzas on Sunday night at the Lucinda hotel/motel. I had Roast Duck and Hoisin Sauce and Grae had Fire Starter!

At Tully we reminisced about the last time we were here when we went white-water rafting on the Tully River. Back in 2003 the Golden Gumboot at the entrance of town didn't exist, we beat it by a few months. The boot is 7.9 metres high which was the amount of rain that fell in one year!

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