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Carpes at Walkabout RV Park

Traffic on I 95 near Daytona Beach

Dames Point Bridge east of Jacksonville

We enter the Peach State
After 142 days in Florida we take our...

Six engine train heads southbound at Folkston

Two engine train heads north

F.R.E.D. (Flashing Rear End Device) has replaced the caboose
They send telemetry to...

Two southbound trains on parallel tracks

Wed, 09 May: We finally leave the Sunshine State...

That's right, after 142 days in Florida we finally removed our home and tow car from the state. We're very nervous about remaining in one state for any extended periods of time as some taxing agencies seem to believe that an extended presence = residency. Not! We're proud residents of South Dakota and plan to keep it that way for the foreseeable future.

So, we were up fairly early at Crystal Lake CG and got ourselves ready for the road. Since we never had to disconnect the car that was a big chore we were able to avoid this morning. Once our inside chores (stow everything for the road) were complete we completed our checklists and rolled wheels a few minutes after eight.

Bob drove the short distance to I 95 and headed up the northbound ramp. Traffic was heavier than yesterday, but moved along with no problems most of the way. We switched drivers at a rest stop south of Jacksonville and Sandi took the helm for the balance of the drive.

We exited I 95 at the I 295 loop which took us around the east side of Jacksonville. Our trip on I 295 took us across the Dames Point Bridge (see pix). Dames Point is a cable-stayed six lane bridge that clears the shipping channel by 175 feet. It was opened in 1989 and is a beautiful structure.

An interesting note: About an hour after we drove along I 295 there was a fatal motorcycle accident that closed the loop for most of the afternoon. All we encountered were construction-related slowdowns. Stuff happens, and thankfully it didn't happen to us today.

A dozen or so miles north of Jacksonville we crossed into the Peach State of Georgia. A quick stop at the Welcome Center to get a new state highway map and then seven miles north to our exit de jour. We arrived at a Flash Foods fuel station that has truck pumps and added 64 gallons of fresh diesel to Carpe's tank. Then another mile to Walkabout RV Park where we got registered and settled into our site. Today's drive was 158 miles with a fuel economy of 8½ mpg.

Following lunch (leftovers from Monday's seafood dinner) we drove Dinkum to the nearby Wal*Mart for some victualing. Then back to the coach to put our feet up and relax. Alas, for some reason the air conditioning wasn't working very well so Bob removed the filter and washed it out. That seemed to help.

Thu, 10 May: Train spotting—again!!!

We had a very restful nite. We turned the a/c on before bedtime and it was it's usual robust self again. Cooled the coach right down to sleeping temperature. Yea!

We were up early and busied ourselves cleaning the bugs off the windshield and other tasks best suited to being performed during the cool of the morning/evening. Today's forecast is for temps in the hi eighties. Ugh!

Following breakfast this morning we drove to nearby Folkston and spent several hours at the Folkston Funnel. At this small town in southeast Georgia rail lines from the north and west converge creating a rail spotter's paradise. They've even erected a covered pavilion complete with train radio scanner.

During our stay we saw several long trains, including two southbound trains traveling in the same direction on parallel tracks. During slack time Bob noticed a BBQ stand nearby so we shared a two-meat/two-side lunch platter (and even brought much of it home for a future meal).

We returned to the coach around 1330 and found it delightfully cool inside. We're now busy processing pix and catching up on this Journal. We need to plan tomorrow's drive as we have no idea at this point where we're going. Part of the fun...

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