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Another leisurely morning dawns.......we roll out of bed and 10 steps away we grab a coffee and sit on our private patio overlooking the pool and beach - now this is vacation!

We chat amicably with the other guests while having our breakfast alfresco. Second order of the day, dipping our toes in the surf of the Pacific. The undertow is so strong it knocked Fero to his knees, much to his surprise. I therefore didn't venture in too far, rather I chose to pick lovely seashells freshly churned up by the waves.

We sat on the beach until the the heat of the midday sun sent us searching for cover. Time for lunch! We went easy today with some very nice salads and spent the afternoon lazily relaxing by the pool. To get a change of scenery, we would move to the patio and vice versa 𯘃.

We chose to hop into one of the many tricycles heading to 'el centro' and find a place to have dinner. Jonny and his adorable 6 year old son, Jon Anderson (he tells us very seriously), give us a ride and we have a lovely conversation. We decided to go back to El Barco de Oro to have more yummy local food. The place is obviously a favourite as it is quite full whereas other places we saw enroute were virtually empty. A glass of wine, 2 beer, an order of fish tacos and one of chilaquiles was a mere $18!

We asked Jonny to come back for us and he was very prompt, early in fact. The weekdays are slow, so he wasn't about to miss an opportunity for business. Part way home we did a wee stop to pick up a small bottle of Flor de Cana rum for our nightcap.

The rooms have no TV or other distractions, however we managed to keep ourselves entertained until bed time. Another day in paradise!

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