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When we spend two months camped in one spot, we spread out and leave chairs, lights, the grill, tools, etc., all over the site. After a final game of tennis we spent the rest of the day gathering and stowing and everything back in the basement and cleaning the house. Since we might not be camped in official campsites on our way home, Ken filled our fresh water tank and drained the black, and I did a few final loads of laundry so we can be self sufficient under way. It would be nice to make it home in four days, but that might be pushing it. We will also be losing two hours - one to a time zone change and the other to Daylight Savings Time. We have a little more storage space than anticipated. After we ordered the e-bikes a few days ago, we put up a sign in the laundry offering our old bikes for sale. The sign wasn't up 24 hours when a buyer stopped by. While we rushed to remove the bike bags we want to use again, he showed us photos of how he spends his time here - panning for gold. The new bikes should be arriving at our home about the same time we do.

As I checked out of the campground, the clerk invited me to make a reservation to return next winter. If we didn't have a nice spot to stay in FL, I would have been tempted. We have really fallen in love with this area that has so much to do and has such pleasant winter weather. The weather has been perfect this week, which makes it even harder to drive away. But we are heading home to begin an international trip to Fiji and Australia, so there's much to look forward to. The weather forecasts for the route ahead look decent so far. Fingers crossed for an uneventful trip home.

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