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Me with Pastor Daniel and His wife on the Thrones

Looked Like Swedish Day at Church

"And I thought Interpol was going to throw me in jail..."

Ha! They were soooo excited!

Awesome or What?


Little Kid Loved the Beach

Nice View

Me at the Beach

I was asked to preach this morning in Pastor Daniel's church. African churches are the best. They brought me up to the front and gave me one of the two thrones to sit on. (Pastor Daniel had the other.) I wanted to dress the part, so I wore the shirt to my African suit. In America, it would look like I was wearing the curtains, but here I fit right in. Well, except for being Le Blanc. The worship was great. Pastor Daniel warned me they were about to start worshiping. No older lady led the way and they formed a big conga line around the front of the auditorium. It went on for about 3 songs. Then, we took the offering. They played music and everyone danced their way up to the offering box to drop in their money. I think we could get more excitement about the offering at my Wet and Wild Church if we did it like that.

I was preaching on trials and tribulations. Trying to think of a good illustration. Wish there was some difficulty I have had that I could tell them about. Like, maybe getting detained by Iterpol. Something like that. I'm not sure they were as impressed with my story as I was in telling it. Maybe it would have been better if I had been thrown in an African jail overnight.

Still, at the end of the message, Pastor Daniel taught them a little English. They all told me, "We love you," and then, "Please, come back." Awwww.

After church we got pizza and then headed for the beach. We got to hang out in this little thatch shelter, wade into the ocean, and watch the little crabs skitter across the sand. It was actually a beautiful day. I came home tired and gritty. It was a good tired and the shower took care of most of the grit.

Final day of class tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

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