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Bright from the lookout

Street scene , Bright

Mt Hotham

Gracie gives the snow a miss.

Mt Hotham Village

21st October - Myrtleford, Porepunkah, Bright and Mt Hotham

After a clean out of the van we ventured forth to see what was to be seen.

After passing through Myrtleford and Porepunkah we stopped at Bright, detoured up to Huggins lookout then back to Bright. I ventured into the information centre and inquired re Dogs and chains at Mt Hotham. Only in winter are diamond pattern snow chains mandatory and it seems only in winter are dogs a problem as well. It was curious I was quizzed as to my home post code and asked where I was staying, when I said Beechworth the conversation ended…

It was about time for lunch so we hit the Pub where like everything in Bright food was expensive. In places like this you pay for “fireside ambience” which we had but without the fire… Still the meal was very good with 3 sausages, beef, lamb and pork with mash and vegetables (even bloody broccoli)…

Then it was off to Mt Hotham. Passing a few groups of cyclist’s enroute obviously training for the Tour de France but what a steep winding road. I had thought that it may be nice to tow the van over the “alps” to Bairnsdale but before I do that I’ll practise towing a van up to O’Reilly’s Guest House or the Barry Way… Still we did pass a chap coming down with a large van in tow, he would be popular, no where to pass for over 80km…

Mt Hotham Village was deserted (we nearly got here from the eastern side during a trip to Omeo a few years ago) I thought Gracie would be impressed by the snow but she just had a sniff and a lick then wanted to get back in the car, alpine rescue is not her forte, saves me buying a little keg to hang off her collar; more snow is forecast for tonight.. Then it was back down the mountain and back to Beechworth.

When we arrived back the park had filled for the weekend with other astute campers not prepared to play the “your in alpine country so we triple the price on everything” game.

I’ve deployed the Awning to a) see if the repairs hold up and to b) deflect some of the promised snow/rain away from the door…

What are we doing tomorrow? Let’s wait and see what the weather does, may be a day to spend sitting around a fire drinking local Cider…

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