North OR South? Aug 2016 travel blog

Oops that front L leg is supposed to stay up

that back leg is going to tear off soon

crane to the rescue

gently does it

make sure it's lined up

almost ready to drive off for Melb

Thursday 11th Aug - Hervey Bay - Expect the unexpected

David n Heather wake at a reasonable time and go for a walk before breakfast while Ron n Jan sleep in and get up at 8:30 for cuppa, brekkie and then a walk.

So just before we started out for our walk, we stopped off at Mick and Michelle’s to say thanks again for the yummy fish. Ron got talking with Mick as he was winding up the legs to lift the “slide-on” camper ready for travel. He was about half way through the process of elevating it a metre and a half off the ground to back the truck under the camper before letting it down onto the tray. It was a painstaking job as he had to keep moving around each leg raising it up a few inches before moving on to the next. Ron and Jan had never seen this process in action before. Fascinating ….

…..UNTIL …… (in a fraction of a second) ……..

there was a snap sound - Mick jumped back - the leg he was winding up fully telescoped into it’s housing - Mick ran some more - the front left of the van fell to the ground - the front R and rear L legs both started to bend - the van rocked as if it wanted to topple sideways onto Mick’s boat - and the rear R leg was off the ground by a half metre - then it stopped in a very precarious position - - yep ALL in a fraction of a second.

No one was hurt, thank you Lord.

Whilst the next hour had it’s serious side it was also funny to watch a dozen blokes suddenly turn up offering advice, providing jacks, and commiserations. There were also a dozen wives standing back in the next semi-circle either praying or just hoping that their husbands would either give good advice or simply keep their mouthes shut. (It’s always better to be thought a “fool” than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.) Mick had a great temperament to deal with the situation and slowly started the process of lowering the L back leg slowly down. Unfortunately it eventually gave up under the strain and tore off the side of the camper causing a collective gasp. But still the van didn’t topple, and now the back R leg was on the ground and could be lowered until the camper was safely down sitting level on borrowed hydraulic jacks and jack stands.

Two hours later a heavy lift crane with telescopic boom came and after positioning the two slings the camper was lifted - truck backed beneath - and safely lowered onto the tray ready for the return trip to Melbourne with a lot of repairs. Amazingly the amount of visible damage was minimal, not even a TV, or plate or cup broken. They are to be back in Melb for baby sitting duties Sunday night followed by work on Monday morning for Michelle. Safe travels to you both.

Mid afternoon Ron and David headed off to get cheap prawns from the Urangan Fish Co-op to supplement our fish tea tonight. Thanks to a tip-off from another neighbour for the heads-up on Coral Prawns for $11.05 per kg. Can’t beat that!! Eat your heart out friends. There are none left.

What a day.

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