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Heading out on the Maiden Voyage

Franklin, TN for retirement party of AT&T colleague

Manchester, TN KOA

Lookout Mountain/Rock City, Chatanooga, TN

Charleston, South Carolina (Waiting for me to mail postcard)

Hardeville RV park outside Savannah

Savannah, Georgia

Tallahassee, Florida (gotta love Bass Pro Shops!)

Destin, Florida with Kay joining us

16 days on the road in Gypsy Red. I'm not even sure I can appropriately describe the experience. I learned a lot...about myself, RVing, my dogs, and about people.

My trip:

- 8/5 - 8/8...Franklin/Murfreesboro, TN

Glynie, Ossy, Presley, Lucee and me took off from Onalaska at 5:30 a.m. headed to Franklin, Tennessee. We arrived at Jay and Lisa Buford's (who so kindly offered to house us for a few days) around 7:30 p.m. While in Franklin, I attended a retirement party for a former AT&T colleague, spent an afternoon with the entire Moss clan (Cousin Ray, Sharon, Josh's family, and Austin's family) in Murfreesboro, then spent my first night in RV in Manchester, TN.

- 8/9 - 8/14...Charleston, South Carolina

12 states to visit I have never been. One of them was South Carolina. Check!

- 8/15 - 8/16...Savannah, Georgia

Two nights at an RV park, laundry, swimming, hiking, and 2 1/2 hours at Camping World trying to resolve RV issues.

- 8/17 - 8/20...Destin, Florida

Paradise on a houseboat (while using public bathrooms!)...great location, views, food, jet skiing, pontooning and hanging with little sis.

My dogs:

I learned if you truly want your dogs to be part of your life, there is nothing you can't do with them. They joined me hiking, swimming in the ocean, eating (outdoor patios), walking the busy/touristy boardwalk, on the pontoon, etc. And, people love dogs! I can't tell you how many times I was stopped so a child could pet my dogs, or an adult talk to me about them. If you want to meet people, get a dog! Ossy was Ossy...happy to be alive and wanted to be with me every single moment. Ossy will be 11 on Sept. 6 and other than some gray hair, you would never know it. He tried to get up the stairs on the houseboat and slid off halfway up (onto me mostly). He wanted in the ocean with me so bad, but was scared to jump off the pontoon, so he fell off...backwards. If he hurt at all, you could never tell. Presley...bless her heart. She loves her routines so much, but I have to give her props...she did her best to adapt to uncertainty! And the girl (at almost 10 years old) is learning to love other people...yes, even Kay! :))

My RV:

I love driving Gypsy Red! Sit up high, have a great view, good music (thank you Sirius), can stop anywhere and feed the dogs, have a cold drink from the fridge, snacks from the cabinets, and yes, sleep in a Walmart parking lot. The perfect vehicle for me and the pups. I couldn't stay in it full-time, but it is the perfect point to point transportation method...and boy do people notice it. Lots of interest at all of my stops.


Southern baby boomers are the best! I had help at my first RV with my set up (and advice) from my RV neighbors. The owners at the RV parks were all awesome and forgiving of my first time mistakes. The folks around the houseboat in Destin were amazing...from Brad (houseboat owner), to all the guys/girls at Xtreme H2O sports, to David (the pier wanderer) for fixing my squeaky driver's door, and young Taylor that invited me and Kay to join his 20 year old friends on the pontoon to watch fireworks. People are genuinely good and WANT to help.


I was totally out of my comfort zone on this trip. Like Presley, I like a bit of routine and knowing where everything is at all times. I learned I can survive, and even thrive in a very small space with my pups. I learned to love Walmart (digital channels, wifi and clean can you not?), Cabella's, Bass Pro Shops (already loved), and Cracker Barrel! I watched, listened, thought, prayed, smiled, and relaxed. Yes, I worried I was spending more than my budget (I did!), so didn't quite get over thinking I would be moving home with mommy soon (I'm joking Mother...sorta), so I will have to readjust a bit on a few things, but it was an experience I will never forget.

Thank you to Ang and Glynis for allowing me and my dogs to be part of your home and welcoming us back when not on the road. And for putting my bike together for me...helping me learn the RV...fixing my RV mistakes for me, etc.

Thank you Kaymon for joining us in Destin. One of the best times I've ever had and loved spending the time with you!!

Thank you for my friends and family on this distribution for your comments about my travel blog, your texts, and keeping in touch with me on the road. I love hearing from you!

And thank you for my mommy...I don't know what I would do without our daily calls, your crazy texting, and your faithful comments on any Facebook posting!

I'm back in Onalaska to regroup a bit, then off to New Orleans on Sept. 8 with Dodd and Cathy (we will miss you Nolet). Then, who knows where???

<B>I love you all!!

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