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Leaving Fairbairn Dam, Emerald

Set-up at Theresa Dam, Clermont

Serenity at the dam

Relaxing after a lazy afternoon

Fascinating to watch

Morning at the dam

26/5/2016 Thursday

Up early for a shower and wash my hair, this time using conditioner. My hair has been full of electricity and impossible to brush. We went back into Emerald where Ian tried to buy a cord to allow him to download photos onto the iPad, but couldn't find what he wanted at Big W, so we'll just have to continue to borrow Don's. Fuelled up and on the road again.

Very open country and very dry. We stopped at Capella, a lovely neat and tidy little town for morning tea, then wandered over to what seemed to be the only shop in town. Ian bought big fish hooks in preparation for our trip to Karumba, and we chatted to the lady on the counter, who was able to tell us that the crop we've passed many times and not known what it was, is Leucaena bush grown as cattle fodder, which we had assumed. This town has the cleanest toilets plus a shower we've come across, and there have been some good ones.

Time to continue, passing acres of maize, sunflowers which 2 weeks ago were at their prime, big, yellow heads standing up, but now black and droopy ready for harvest, fields which had been ploughed and some already planted. An interesting trip into Clermont where we drove around and maybe we missed them, or maybe it's just a small town, but there wasn't much in the way of shops. Continued on to Theresa Creek Dam, 20k away, our overnight stop. Very beautiful with room for lots of vans and campers overlooking a huge body of water. We set up and had lunch watching a pelican catch fish, ducks swimming by and shags on the logs. No power so no air- con or fan. It's very hot - 30+ degrees. I still managed to drop off when reading and snooze for a while. Time now to catch up with our lovely neighbours.

We had drinks and nibbles sitting beside the water watching the turtle heads pop up, a hawk flying low to its nest, ducks, water fowl and Pelicans feeding, as the sun set and the stars appeared. What a beautiful sight. One of the first to appear was the Southern Cross and pointers and Don explained to Lorraine how you found South by bisecting imaginary lines. Hard work Don!! The insects chased us into our vans for the night. Another fabulous day.

PS - Ian and I played 5 Crowns, and after I won 5 hands in a row, and the game, Ian packed the cards away - said he'd stop playing before he got cranky!! What a man!

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