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bathing pools at the elephant cave

the entrance

John in the sarong to cover his legs and sash for respect

one of many temples

warding off the evil spirits

keeping demons at bay

our batik stop

tedious hand work

No way I could sit this way and carve

great shower

lots of mesquite netting required

Our indoor/outdoor living room

Infinity edge pool with its own jungle and bats!

high tea Balinese style

Well, typical of slow internet, tired typist and other traveling factors-my entire text disappeared. Hard enough to come up with something clever once much less twice-so here are the highlights: Goa Gajah-built in the 9th century as a sanctuary is referred to as the Elephant Cave because the entrance carving resembles an elephant. No elephants near by and not much of a cave but listed in the UNESCO World Heritage sites. The bathing pools at the entrance would not entice me to wash (but if they are there to scare off the demons as the guide indicates, they might work). There is also a Buddhist Temple ruin on the site. John is pictured in the required sarong for entering a temple. It is necessary to cover ones legs and the sash is for respect. We don this at each stop-sometimes more stylishly than others.

Next was a stop in the "batik district" to watch this handmade process and do the requisite shopping. Then on through the silver/gold neighborhood and the wood carving village to the artistic community in the jungle called Ubud (oo-bood) to our next accommodation. The Kayumanis Villas are snuggled in the jungle, down a very narrow driveway, and next to the Ayung River. We are greeted (no check in required) and taken to our villa as she explains that we have been "upgraded" to a two bedroom unit. Great, if John is tired of me he has his own space! It is an amazing arrangement-one building has the master suite, the other our outdoor living room with 2nd bedroom above. Both overlook our private infinity edge pool that is on the cliff overlooking the river. Our table is set with Indonesia High Tea and a welcome drink of ginger lemonade. We need to schedule our included massages-they can be either in the spa or en suite. I could LIVE here, I think-well maybe not. Early in the evening as we take a dip the bats arrive..UGH.

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