Alaska Cruise 2014 travel blog

As I write this on the promenade deck of theNCL Pearl.

When I was young and or a car ride, I got carsick. When I flew on a plane, I got airsick. All my life when I was on a boat, I got seasick. After my stroke, I frequently dizzy. So, it should come as no surprise that I would seasick on the cruise.

Once I discovered was that I cannot read or write on a moving vessel.

But if I can write Journal during the cruise, I would soon forget the details events that occurred. That would prevent me from writing about it.

How would I saw solve this problem?

The only solution I could think of would be voice dictation. I purchased and installed Dragon Naturally Speaking. That's write this Journal. As a result, you'll see lots and lots of errors. Dragon tries very hard to understand the and often gets right but as you can see, it next month mistakes,

this is getting ridiculous! I give up! I’ll try again tomorrow when where and port juneau.

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