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KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines

The service was "Royal"

Our Hotel

Our room at the Rixos Hotel in Istanbul

Dinner at the Park Samdan on the top of the hotel

Wonderful salmon appetizer for Tom

Salmon for Anne

Reflections of the sunset

Enjoying a great meal

A Turkish sunset

Off the next day for an orientation explore

A wide pedestrian-only street

Street food

Towering buildings

Republic Monument

Time for lunch

Just like at home

The Nostalgic Trolley

An auction at our hotel

Hammered brass antiques

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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The Ice Cream Actor

We got up early and took a cab to the airport. The flight to Turkey from Amsterdam is about equivalent of a trip from Rochester to Denver - a 3 hour hop. We flew on KLM and the service was first class. Clearing customs was not bad and we remembered to obtain a Visa (some people did not and had to go back and then stand in the passport line all over again!). After a long cab ride from the airport that faced many stops and then very fast treks (to the next bottleneck), we got to the Hotel Rixos where we checked in and then chose a restaurant at the top of the hotel for a sumptuous meal and a beautiful sunset.

The next day we ventured out and walked down a pedestrian-only street to get the feel of our new surroundings in Istanbul. Our Classic Journeys tour begins at 2:30. We are excited.

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