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Long changeover in Sydney. Arrived Auckland 15.00 local time. What a journey!

It was 6100 miles from Dublin to Bangkok and was another 6100 from Bangkok to Auckland via Sydney. The time difference for Dublin to Bangkok is 7 hours; for Bangkok to Sydney is 3 hours; and for Sydney to Auckland is 2 hours. Really felt the 2nd flight and arrived Auckland jaded. Will have to do this city some other time as I am doing nothing but going to bed and loll around the Skycity Hotel.

Auckland and the hotel full of exciting things to do, such as the hotels famous casino, tower and leisure ride/fall; BUT too tired and, like most of the North Island, will do sometime in the future. Before going to bed, booked my accommodation in National Park, and reserved my helicoptor flight in the Tongiraro National Park, in local Tourist Office.

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