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La Sagrada simply don't do it justice

inside the Sagrada Familia

Chocolate Museum!!!

hot chocolate from the chocolate museum..needless to say we enjoyed it

trying to eat a cookie without any hands

awesome smoothies from the market next to La Rambla

Parc Grüel

playing around on a jungle gym we found walking down the hill...


Finally updating this! So sorry for the delay again! So after Málaga we flew to Barcelona for a long weekend trip. We got in on Thursday and decided to check out the Sagrada Familia so as to try and beat the weekend crowds. For those who don't know about this incredible building, type "La Sagrada Familia" into Google images right now and prepare to be amazed. It is a HUGE basilica made by the famous architect Antoni Gaudí. It was started in 1882 and is still under construction today! After the Sagrada Familia, we trekked over to Parc Grüel, another work of Gaudí, which is basically a large park with some very cool pieces of architecture. We didn't stay very long here: it was freezing and everyone was pretty tired from all the walking and traveling we had done that day.

Friday we went on a free walking tour with our hostel, which was super cool and fun. The tour guide was Irish and after traveling from place to place, got a job from a friend working at the hostel and just decided to pick up and move to Barcelona. He's been there for 6 months now, and loves it. Some fun things we learned on the tour: the George Orwell plaza used to be inhabited by lots of bad people (drug dealers, drunks, etc.) throughout the day, and finally the government decided to try and fix the problem. Their solution: build a children's playground in the middle of the joke. And did it work? Surprisingly it improved the plaza incredibly! Our tour guide was able to witness the complete turn around as it went from a very bad part of the neighborhood to a very nice area to get some sun (and some nice Vegan food-three restaurants right in a row surrounded it). Also, if anyone knows about the types of novels George Orwell wrote they will laugh to find out that the plaza is under constant surveillance with one small camera on the side of one of the surrounding buildings.

After our tour we had a quick lunch and headed over to the incredible Picasso Museum! I absolutely LOVED this museum, it was planned out very well and guided us along throughout his life with descriptions of each specific period and how his surroundings affected his art. Thank you Señora Salmon for your wonderful recommendation! I definitely loved the room full of his Las Meninas interpretations! SO cool after having learned all about it in your class! Just down the street from the Picasso Museum we found the Chocolate Museum, and of course we weren't going to miss out on that! It was full of different sculptures made of chocolate, we had some "hot chocolate" (in Spain this literally means a cup of melted chocolate), and our tickets were small chocolate bars. Definitely a good decision on our part. Oh yeah! After we exited the chocolate museum we encountered what we believed was a culinary school in which people were working with chocolate making some sculptures (most likely for the museum). We stood there for probably about an hour and a half watching a guy make a chocolate worth it.

Saturday we went to Montjuic, one of many Spanish fortresses that we have visited here in this beautiful country. This one looked over the Mediterranean Sea from the top of a little hill in Barcelona. Beautiful!

Overall Barcelona was pretty amazing, but I was definitely happy to return "home" to Granada after a long trip away.

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