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Perge - Roman baths

Ladies in Red (Tam, Lyndell and Emma) with Kev

Digby with some new friends, hope he doesn't have fleas now

Perge - Canal and fountain

Perge - canal from fountain

Perge - fountain.

Perge, the canal

Perge - the stadium where Christians were thrown to the lions






Down trou, Phil

Digby gets a free ride at Aspendos

Tony and Lyndell - strawberry flavoured Shisha pipe

Amanda and Tony smoke the shisha

Burham and Jenny

The Roman ruins at Perge are a sight to behold. Again the sheer scale of the complex is mind boggling. The stadium (where Christians were thrown to the lions) had been partly destroyed by the Christians, but it is still easy to see how this was way back when. We visit roman baths, and see the furnaces that heated the pools, and we marvel at the skill these people had. Digby spots a litter of puppies and joins them for a photo opportunity, and Tony hopes the little buggers don’t have fleas. A group of us walk along the old canal, and climb up to the top of the fountain. Tony isn’t too keen on the heights, but gives it a go. Some of the rocks are a bit loose, so we have to be careful.

We could have easily spent a lot more time here, but we are to visit Aspendos where there is an amazing theatre in excellent condition, having been restored on the orders of Ataturk. Again we are amazed at the skill of the builders. Digby wants to ride a camel, and the owner asked for EU20 ($40) for the privilege. Tony tells the owner that Digby is only a dog, he has no money and Tony isn’t going to pay for any more rides for him. Tony says Digby will settle for a photo, but still the owner wants money, so Tony plays poor and eventually the guys caves in and Digby is allowed to have his photo taken on the camel for a small tip (about $1 all up). A good score considering just a photo was EU10 ($20!). Tony can’t help but smile as the others in the group are busy snapping photos while the owner is distracted.

Back in town Cynthea rests up while others explore the city in search of a cheap feed. Tony, Lyndell and Charlene find a courtyard café and enjoy a wonderful omelette. Later they decide to hop on a tram to see where it is going, but there is a problem with other passengers and the driver. We have no idea what is going on, nor do we know where to buy a ticket. It is some time before the tram gets under way, and we travel for a few stops, paying as we get off. We wonder if we just got off would we have been chased for the fare, but there is a big police presence as there is a children’s dance festival on. We find out later that there is a heightened terrorist alert for Turkey, but we found things seem pretty relaxed.

The threesome wander along the cliff top, and spend time talking to one of the many security guys in the area. We head back to the hotel just as the children’s dance festival finishes, and we see many kids dressed in national and regional costumes.

After tea Burhan takes a group of us to a local bar. We don’t care that the nightclubs are shut (off season), as long as the beer is cheap, which it is (about $5 for a pint), and the night is pleasantly warm. Burhan asks if anyone wants to try the shisha (but doesn’t tell us it is the smoking pipe, bong), and we all have a crack at it. It was a great night, not a lot to drink, and we all thoroughly enjoyed the evening, getting back to the hotel about 12.30am.

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