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Ric at Belize zoo with snake.

Our first "wild " snake - Green Tree Snake

Blue Hole at the Blue Hole National Park

On the way to the lodge we stopped off at Belize zoo. Small but certainly worth the visit.

Here we are at Ian's Caves Branch (Jungle Lodge). We haven't explored here yet, so when we have, I will update this later.

The lodge was an expensive luxury, but it still didn't keep out the ants! So, as a last effort to remove ant traces, we dipped the whole rucksack in the chlorine waters, undercover of darkness.

We visited the nearby Blue Hole Park, which contained a very Blue water hole (see pic). There were also some caves which was about 1 hours walk away. We didn't do it with a guide, so it didn't seem that impressive, as we were only allowed to go half way.

Along with the ants, the lodge was so remote and "in the wild jungle" that we had to sign forms basically saying we were not allowed to sue if we were bitten by a snake/spider/insect/scorpion. We did see a snake wriggle right past our Cabana (pic) and heard a couple of howler monkeys.

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